Choose correct trash liner for your bin, is it easy?

So you want to buy trash bags. Sounds simple enough, right? Not really.

Standing in the trash bag aisle, you’ll stuck with dozens of choices, all which seem pretty similar. Then there’s tons of statements touting each bag’s strength: ultimate, extra strong, 3-ply strength, trusted strength.

Trash bag thickness 

Trash bags thickness are usually measured in mil, or in micron, which is one thousandth of an inch (.001). 

Most trash bags you’ll find in the store will most likely range between .70 and .90 mil and you can definitely find this measurement on the front of the box.

If you’re purchasing a kitchen trash bag, and you’re putting in the standard trash fare of milk cartons, cereal boxes, leftovers, old fruit, etc., then a .90 mil bag will serve you just fine.

However, if you’re cleaning out your garage or remodeling, you’ll need a bag that can stand up to punctures and tears from plaster, broken glass, hangers, nails, old paintings and the like. In that case, you want to look for a bag that is 2.0 mil or thicker


If you need a bag that needs to stretch to carry a medium load rather than survive punctures or tears, then a thinner bag will suit your needs much better. These types of bags are called high density (HDPE) and you often found in office restrooms. These bags are considerably less expensive than their thicker, low density cousin.

If you’re throwing away paper or other light items, or have a large, heavy load with nothing that could rupture the bag, these high density bags will serve you and your pocketbook well.

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