Tips help you to choose the best Ice bags!

Summer is in full swing and the yearly demand for packaged ice is at its peak

Convenience store, hotels and other packaged ice distributors benefit from the seasonal rise in ice sales.

If you sell or provide ice in bulk, it’s important to know few things about ordering and purchasing wholesale ice bags

There are many options in terms of sizes, types, materials, printing,.. so we’re here to give you few tips on choosing the right plastic ice bags for your needs

Wholesome meals

Quality matters

Poorly manufactured ice bags causes many problems

It can be difficult to fill and if the plastic is too thin, they often break, making a mess and costing money

There is no point in buying substandard ice bags just to save a few pennies

Quality ice bags are not expensive and the extra hassle and waste associated with cheap or flimsy ice bags isn’t worth the small difference in price.

2.Basic options

There are three basic styles of ice cube bags: open top, drawstring and on wickets for automatic

Open top ice bags:

This type of ice bag features an open or “plain” top which is closed with a twist tie. These bags are available in 5 lb, 8 lb,10 lb, 20 lb and 50 lb sizes with preprinted labels.

Drawstring ice bags:

Built in cotton drawstrings make these bags easy to close securely. They are also available in the standard 5 lb, 8 lb,10 lb, 20 lb and 50 lb sizes with preprinted labels.

Wicketed ice bags:

Ice packagers with automatic or semiautomatic bulk ice bagging machines use this type of commercial ice bag which is attached a wicket that holds up to 250 bags. The bags are opened manually or by compressed air and filled while on the wicket. 

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There are a few federal regulations regarding commercial ice bags that ice sellers need to be aware of. The FDA classifies ice as a food product, so basic FDA Food Code rules regarding sanitation and safety apply.

There are also a few regulations regarding ice bag labeling. Basically, you can’t make inaccurate or misleading claims on ice bag labels. In other words, if you label it as ice made from “spring water,” it must indeed come from such a source.

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