Plastic Packaging for Food

Plastic Produce Bags on roll

Produce Bags on rolls are a great choice for home or commericla use such as supermarkets, bakeries, farmer’s markets, and candy stores. 

Strong and Versatile, this polyethylene plastic bag provides excellent water and vapor barrier properties making it ideal for produce, meat, seafood, bean, vegetables,…

Hanpak is the best Produce Bags On Roll Manufacturer in Vietnam. We offer both HDPE produce bags and LDPE bags which are made from 100% virgin material.

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  • FOOD SAFE AND RECYCLABLE! These bags are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) so safe for food. 
  • PACKAGE, STORE, AND SERVE FOOD ITEMS! Food storage, and packaging of pre-portioned food. These bags are perfect for packaging a variety of foods. Safer than leaving foods out, they can help protect food from contaminants. These bags can be used in the freezer. Perfect for restaurants, home or commercial kitchens


  • [SAFE TO USE] Film is made by 100% recyclable material, is used as the main material. And It is safe to come into contact with food with plastic wrap that adds natural corn oil instead of a chemical additive.
  • [Keep In Fresh] Hygienic storage of meat and fish and shellfish is possible, and fresh storage of vegetables and fruits is possible by preventing drying of food
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