Shopping Bags – Effective Advertisements Tool for Your Business


Shopping Bags – Effective Advertisements Tool for Your Business

by. Hanpak

As a retailer in a competitive marketplace, you are likely always on the look out for ways to grab more market share, get your name out, and promote your business. What better way to do that than among your existing customers? With custom shopping bags, you can change your shopping bags from bland and average to some of the best advertisements available for your business – all without changing your operations or your marketing strategy.  That’s great idea!

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Because the odds of your keeping your customers increase each time they leave your store. Not only with your product, but with something else to remind them of their shopping experience with you.

There are a few distinct benefits to using shopping bags: 

  • The cost of attracting a new customer versus keeping a current one is a factor of about six to one.
  • You have a 60 to 70% probability of selling to a current customer, compared to a 5 to 20% chance of selling products to a new customer.
  • Your profitability from a single customer increases exponentially over time as that person remains your customer.
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So what is the use of printing advertising on shopping bags

Compared to ordinary plastic bags, the printing of product brands on the bags has made a great advertising trick. The information on the bag such as logo, slogan, address, email, special image… It makes it easy for readers to recognize and attract, making it feel like a versatile business card.

Would you use a banner that can print everything on and is easy to carry? With the shopping bag is yes. With today’s printing technology, plastic bag manufacturers can help you. You just need to give the idea of creating the product and let the producer take care of it.

It is no coincidence that many companies are willing to pay billions for printing and designing brand advertisements on shopping bags. Through recognition, the packaging has shown the image of the company and enhanced the value of the business.

Impressing customers and increasing the purchasing ability of potential customers. A unique and beautiful printed bag will not only reach 1 customer, but also create a “viral effect” to millions of other consumers.

With all the benefits it can offer, as a result, it’s important to have a high-quality manufacturer!

At HANPAK JSC, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality shopping bags as per request of customer with perfect service and policy in sale and after sale. Each of bags is made with our whole enthusiasm, strict management and high quality materials.

We’re always looking out in your request for just the right balance between cost and quality. Therefore, we are confident to bring you most wonderful bag choices. HANPAK JSC receives orders for custom singlet plastic shopping bag as per customer’s requirement.


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