How to Order Custom Retail Bags?

Hanpak poly carrier bag

It is simple to order custom poly bags from a supplier with long-term relationship with you. But for the one in the first time of cooperation, it’s important that you spend time letting them know all bag specifications before you make the order. Let’s go with us in this post to prepare for you useful advice to order custom plastic retail bags.

What Custom Poly Retail Bags Do You Need?

  • How they should look like
  • What you need them to carry. Do your bags need to hold heavy items?
  • Do they need to be a specific color?
  • Will they display your branding information?

The more customizations you add to your bag design, the more information you’ll need to communicate to your supplier.

When you order custom poly bags, you should know:

  • The type of poly bags you’re looking for: flat, wicketed, gusseted, sideweld, bottom seal, or other type of custom poly bags
  • How is the bag going to be closed?: fold over, tie, twist tie, taped, sealed
  • What custom branding you need on the bags: including your logo, the placement on the bag, printing (multiple labels), and your preferred colors
  • How many bags you need in your order

The other important piece of information you need to specify is when you need your custom poly bags. This will determine when you place your order.

Vest handle shape bag

When Do You Need Your Custom Poly Bags?

There is a step by step process to produce your product quickly, but it takes time to apply all your product description and make real perfect bags. Making ordering decisions well ahead when you need your custom poly bags will ensure the proper time and attention. Your supplier have more time to make the best product quality. Then, you are more likely to receive the best bags for your investment.

Get to know the average production time for custom poly bags that your manufacturer offered to you based on your specifications. You should talk to your supplier about the expected ready goods time. Be aware of the fact that the more customizations you request for a product, the longer lead time it takes to complete your order. The lead time of plain bags is 30 working days, but it could be about 45-60 days for printed bags depending on the complication of the bags.

How to Order Custom Poly Bags

When ordering your custom poly bags, be as specific as possible. Now, if you still don’t know how your custom retail bags should be, go ahead the previous sector for what you need to know and provide to your manufacturer. Your supplier needs to know all relevant information about your order to design a proper production plan.

The bag specifications should include the following details: size, style/shape, color, thickness (or the capacity that the bags should carry), branding information (including branding copy, location of copy on the bag, specific colors) bag quantity, shipping terms.

If you want a quick and smooth production process, it’s important to include all the relevant details in the beginning. The more information you give in advance, the smoother the ordering, proofing, and manufacturing processes will roll out.

custom retail bags

Confirming Your Final Order

This is very important to have the product made exactly as your request and avoid additional fee when there are some mistakes. It help to make sure you plastic retail bags will know exactly the details as you require. It’s easier and more cost-saving to fix problems before the bags are made and packaged to ship. You should also confirm with your supplier the estimated shipping time and arrival.

A trustworthy and reputable poly retail bag supplier will communicate with you along the way to make sure they understand and create exactly what you need. Their customer service will let you understand every step of the process of making your custom order. Notify you in advance if there are any problem and make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of the end product. This efficient communication not only builds trust with your supplier, but also saves you time and money.


In Hanpak, the production process follows up with you three times about the status of your order:

Firstly, we collect missing information from you and make a proof of your bag with style, colors, and branding. This stage will require a lot of cooperation from clients before the production of the bags can go ahead.

Again, when our clients need their order finish to be manufactured and shipped.

Finally, after you’ve received your order to make sure you get satisfied with the product quality, order quantity, and service.

Tending to make a custom poly bag order? Hanpak offers enthusiastic sales that can understand your need quickly and follow exactly your specifications. Contact us for more information.

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