What Should You Need to Know about Poly Mailers?

poly mailers
Poly mailers are also known as mailing bags, shipping bags, mailing envelopes. This bag type can be made from HDPE, LDPE, but the most common material is LDPE COEX, which brings out the highest quality bags.
Let’s take a closer look to know more about poly mailers.

What are poly mailers used for?

Poly mailers are ideal for shipping lightweight and non-fragile items, mainly clothing items. Besides that, these shipping bags are also a good packaging solution for fabrics and yarns, art and prints, accessories, and shoes.

mailing bags

Are poly mailers recyclable?

Yes, definitely! Poly mailers are recyclable. But most of them end up in landfills because they are often thought unrecyclable or simply because these bags are a bit difficult to recycle. In reality, there are retail stores and recycling centers that can accept collecting poly mailers. They are available as drop-offs for plastic bags.

Can poly mailers be reused?

There are two kinds of adhesive, temporary and permanent. With temporary adhesive, you can easily open the bags without breaking them. They can be reusable at least once after the first use.

For permanent adhesive, we can reuse the bags with the design of two adhesive strips and a tear strip between.

poly mailer

Best place to buy poly mailers?

You can find mailing bags which are often just plain at the local shipping supply stores or online. However, if you often use a huge quantity of mailing bags, you should go to a mailing bag manufacturer to have your own bag design at a better price. At Hanpak, we can accept the MOQ of 1 ton for custom products.

Are poly mailing bags the best option for clothes shipping by mail?

Certainly! Poly mailers are one of the most practical and inexpensive ways to ship clothes. With poly mailers, you can pack them neatly and professionally, which is the way to make a good impression on your clients.

How do you ship your items with poly mailers?

While packing an item into a shipping bag, you should consider adding padding around the sides if it is needed. By doing this, you can minimize the movement inside and prevent damage. Then, if you use the shipping service of the post office, you will take the packing to it and calculate the costs. Otherwise, you can generate a label yourself online after providing the length, width, and height. Then, you can schedule a pick-up time for your package.

Printing on poly mailers

mailing bags

It is actually easy to print on poly mailing bags. We can print up to 8 colors on two sides.

The unique design will impress your clients, making them remember your brand longer.

To conclude,

If you have any questions relating to the poly mailers or mailing bags, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are, with many years producing OEM plastic packaging products, always willing to support you.

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