What kinds of plastic bags are most widely used?

Plastic bags are blown from Low Density Polyethylene plastic particles. These bags are usually colorless and tough enough to hold all kinds of products. As a result, PE bags have become a popular application in all businesses today.

1, Die-cut plasticDie cut bag – HANPAK – Customized plastic bag and packaging manufacturer

It is a plain bag, with punched holes, often used in retail stores, supermarkets, …

2, T-shirt plastic bag

HDPE Offset W Cut Plastic Carry Bag at Rs 180/kilogram in Hyderabad | ID:  12845875673

T-shirt bag with 2 straps. is used to store goods of agents, supermarkets, etc…

3, Zipper plastic bag

Manufacturer Transparent/ Clear Plastic Zipper Bag Reclosable Zip Lock Bags  with Logo for Food Storage - China Zipper Bag and Zip Lock Bag

Zipper bag or Zip lock bag should be used to store retail, medical supplies, construction materials, household goods and other small goods.

4, Mailing bag

100Pcs Multi Style Express Bag Pear/Snowflake Plastic Envelope Pink Poly  Mailers Marble Printed Courier Packaging Bags Mailbag|Paper Envelopes| -  AliExpress

With a good adhesion, poly mailer bags have the benefit of avoiding peeling during transportation and ensuring aesthetic.




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