Most popular applications of Stretch film

What is a PE film?

PE film in general (also known as foreign shrink, scrap chit) is a very small and tough flexible plastic, capable of smooth adhesion on all surfaces: wood, plastic, …


– High stretchable rate
– Waterproof
– Resistant to grease, dust and air conditioners 02, CO2, N02,…

So, with the above special features, let’s see what areas are Stretch film applied in?

1, In freight and delivery

In shipping companies, wrapping film is an indispensable support tool. It helps to strengthen the goods not to fall during transportation and protect goods during delivery, convenient loading and unloading operations without worrying about scratching the customer’s belongings.

2, In construction

Stretch film is mainly used for the purpose of lining the bottom to mix concrete in slab casting constructions, the lining of PE film for cement casting helps to avoid sticking to the surface of the mold, preventing concrete patches, water loss, also preventing water from seeping back, which affects the quality of construction works.

3, In furniture production sector

Stretch film is also used a lot in this field. It is not only waterproof, but also prevents dust and mold when storing items in the house that are rarely used, avoiding scratches when transporting products.

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