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Produce bags on roll

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Plastic bags

From shopping, retailing to parceling, plastic bags is used around the world on a large scale. 

Here at Hanpak, we have pondered over the benefits of plastic bags for both retailers and customers:


Good for Brading

If you run a store or supermarket, it is pretty easy for you to print your business’s name, logo and other information on the plastic bags. And good thing is that it is simple to make changes in the design.

At Hanpak, we provide produce bags on roll with customized printing per client’s request. 


Cheaper than Paper or Cloth Packaging:

A piece of plastic bag will cost you no more than .25 cent which is much cheaper than a paper bag costing 5 cent or more per piece.

You have to spend few dollars for reusable cloth bags. It means that purchasing plastic bags in bulk will be beneficial for your small business and profit margins.


Quicker to Open and Pack:

Plastic bags are quicker to open, pack and double up, saving your valued time.

This is why they are widely used by busy cashiers to keep lines moving efficiently. In addition, plastic bags take up less space than paper bags, both in storage and at cashier point.

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Most of the plastic bags made of 100% virgin, so they’re completely recyclable and safe for food, health…

Besides that, Hanpak provide clients biodegradable bags as well, by mixing D2W/OXO/EPI to fasten the decomposition process. At the end of the process, it is no longer a plastic, and has changed into a material which is biodegradable (by bacteria and fungi) in the open environment. In the same way as nature’s wastes and much, much faster than ordinary plastic.

Durable and Weatherproof

Plastic bags are known for their durability. They are less vulnerable to tearing and are resistant to many chemicals.

Plastic bags outperform paper or cloth bags when it comes to protect the contents from rain or water. 

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