What kind of stretch film do you need? Manual or Automatic or Jumbo?

Stretch wrap

The stretch film is a stretchable plastic that due to its characteristics becomes an ideal solution for the packaging of pallets by securing the load, the protection of packaging and boxes, etc.

Another benefit of stretch film is that it minimizes the usual transport problems since they can be pointed out and identified more easily. It is a resistant, durable and adaptable product to the merchandise.

Types of film reel formats according to application:

·         Stretch Film for manual use Mini-Film:

Manual stretch film to group all kinds of products, moldings, profiles, fixing and bases on pallets, etc.

This coil format is very useful, because it allows to solve many small packaging situations, in addition to being very comfortable to apply and transport due to its small sizes.

·         Stretch film for manual use for palletizing:

Stretch film for manual use for palletizing is one of the most common formats in terms of flexible packaging, since many companies require reels for the packaging of their pallets.

This type of coil is very useful when the company has a multitude of pallet measures, so it is difficult to automate its packaging.

·         Stretch film for automatic use for palletizing:

The stretch film for automatic use for palletizing is another of the formats of greater consumption, since many companies require coils for the packaging of their pallets automatically.

This type of coil is used in companies that have automatic palletizing machines and where their pallets are usually of very similar sizes.

In order to offer the greatest savings in your packaging we have a wide range of high performance films and low thickness.

·         Stretch film for wrapping machines:

This coil format is used with orbital type wrappers that have a high packing speed.

Machine stretch film is rewound and cut according to the measurements required by the customer. They are manufactured in a wide range of colors and are perfect for packing long products such as doors, wooden planks, moldings, tubes, and profiles.

·         Jumbo stretch film

Generally used for rewinding processing to make hand stretch wrap and machine stretch film. To make a good stretch film, you must first have a good stretch film jumbo rolls.

In Hanpak, we produce high qualified jumbo stretch film from 50 kg with strong tensile force, piercing resistance and high viscosity to meet all customer needs and expectations.


The above information will help you distinguish the difference types of stretch film, and find the right which is suitable for your demand. Start doing your research and find the packaging that best suits your business’s core.


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