Ways to Use Garbage Bags to Move

There are lots of fancy packing supplies that you can utilize when you’re gearing up to move, but did you know that there are also plenty of uses for the humble garbage bag? Aside from just being the obvious receptacle for the things you’re ready to toss, you can also use garbage bags to move clothes, linens, soft toys, and other non-breakables, as well as to protect various items on moving days. It’s a significantly cheaper alternative to cardboard boxes, and usually, you can get a second use out of the bag as well when you’re setting up at your new place.

Before we get into the different ways you can use garbage bags to move, let’s first go over a few caveats:

Use heavy duty bags. Thick, black garbage bags are your best bet here, since they can carry significantly more weight than their flimsy counterparts with less chance of tearing or breaking.

Use outdoor bags. To the point above, outdoor bags are typically more sturdy than indoor ones and will hold up better during your move.

Use large or extra large bags. You’ll want to aim to use fewer garbage bags rather than more, so go with the largest size that you can find.

Use garbage bags with ties. While they may cost a little bit more, garbage bags with ties will give you a more effective seal so that you don’t have to worry about things spilling out in the back of the truck.

Be sure to label. It’s imperative to label any garbage bags that you use for packing; otherwise, you might end up throwing out half your closet when you really meant to throw out the trash. To keep it budget-friendly, you can use regular adhesive tape in a solid color so you can write on it with a marker. Just make sure to keep the label large and obvious.

1. Use them to pack hanging clothes

One of the most brilliant uses of garbage bags starts in your closet. Instead of taking hanging clothes off of their hangers to fold in a box or suitcase, just wrap them up in a bag.

2. Use them to pack bedding

Pillows and comforters take up a ton of room in boxes, but like the items above, they don’t require such a sturdy base for transport. Pack them in garbage bags instead and save the boxes for something else.

3. Use them to packed stuffed animals and other non-breakable toys.

Quickly pack up your kid’s room by tossing all stuffed animals and non-breakable toys into a garbage bag. In addition to getting the whole job done as fast and painlessly as possible, it will also make it easy to locate these items later on when your little one is in need of entertainment while you unpack (searching through a sea of labeled garbage bags is just inherently easier than searching through a sea of boxes).

4. Use them as an extra layer of protection on electronics

It’s a good idea to wrap up electronics like TVs, printers, and speakers when you’re moving them, and garbage bags are great for keeping out moisture, dirt, and debris.

Don’t use bags as the sole way you move these items since you might end up with broken electronics that way, but do use them like you would plastic wrap, providing an extra layer of protection before boxing them up.

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