Way to choose high quality stretch film

Stretch film has been to a familiar product in the packing industry.

Currently, there are many products on the market for sale. Customers may buy the wrong product, poor quality, unsatisfactory. To ensure that customers receive high quality goods, in this article, Hanpak shares with you how to separate stretch film.


  1. Film opacity

Color, gloss are characteristics that you can easily notice first. Real PE Pre-Stretch Film is moderately transparent. If the seller gives you PE Pre-Stretch Film with yellowish color or no transparency, then you can partly confirm that the film is a poor quality film.


  1. Flexibility

Flexibility plays a very important role in the packaging of goods. Because if the film does not achieve a certain flexibility, when packing, wrapping the pallet is very easy to tear; If the film is too flexible, it will make it difficult to use the wrapping machine. High quality PE Pre-Stretch Film stands out with its flexibility suitable for packing, wrapping pallets.


  1. Durable force.

The strength mentioned here includes tensile strength and tear strength. Real, high-quality PE Pre-Stretch Film will have a high tensile strength, which means that the PE film will not break or break in the middle of how much force you use to pull them.

In terms of tear strength, PE Film (Shrink Film) Pre-Stretch Film quality must meet the best standards. What is popular about PE Pre-Stretch Film is its durability, hard to tear, can protect goods during long-distance transportation, international transportation.


  1. Heat resistance.

Real PE Pre-Stretch Film has high heat resistance, does not melt at high temperature or become brittle at low temperature. One way that you can identify the real PE Pre-Stretch Film is to test the heat resistance of the film.

Because of this heat resistance, PE Pre-Stretch Film can withstand the climate in many places, especially where the temperature difference between day and night is large. PE Pre-Stretch Film is always a popular packaging and pallet wrapping material for businesses, especially when packing international goods.


Address to choose to buy reputable stretch film.

If you are still wondering to find a reputable stretch film supplier, at a reasonable price. Please contact us immediately.

With 20 years of stretch film production experience, exported to more than 50 countries worldwide. Hanpak is committed to providing customers only with high-quality products that meet their needs and bring maximum benefits to customers.

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