How to choose reasonable garbage bag

When you go to the stoAll Postsre to buy trash bags, you will be confused with dozens of choices, all of which seem quite similar. Retailers have a lot of advertising touting the benefits of trash bags.

What will this trash bag be used for?
Kitchen garbage? Gardening garbage? Recyclables? Bathroom trash? Office junk? The trash bag you need will depend on what you need to put in the bag. If you don’t answer this question, you are literally throwing money away. You could end up wasting money on a thicker, more expensive bag when all you really need is a cheaper, thinner bag or a shorter bag.

Yes. You’ve decided how to use your trash bag. Wonderful. Now, you need to think about whether you need your trash bag to be puncture and tear resistant or able to stretch under a heavy load. This factor will determine the thickness/thinness of your garbage bag.


Garbage bag thickness

The thickness of a garbage bag is usually measured in mil, which is one thousandth of an inch (0.001). These types of garbage bags are called low density or linear low density.

Most trash bags you find in the store will most likely be between 0.7 and 0.9 mil.

If you’re buying a kitchen trash bag and you’re trashing things like milk cartons, cereal boxes, leftovers, old fruit, etc., then a 0.9 mil bag will fit. with you.

However, if you’re cleaning or remodeling a shed, you’ll need a bag that can withstand punctures and tears from plaster, broken glass, hangers, nails, old paintings, and the like. In that case, you want to find a bag that’s 2 mil or thicker.



If you need a bag that needs to stretch to carry heavy loads, then a thinner bag will suit your needs much better. These types of bags are known as high density and are the type of clear bags that you often find in office restrooms. These bags are significantly cheaper than the thicker and low density ones.

If you’re throwing away paper or other light items, or have a large, heavy load with nothing to break the bag, these high-density bags will serve you and your pocket well.








While you can buy trash bags in all colors of the rainbow, black trash bags and white trash bags dominate the spectrum. Black trash bags are a popular choice because they blend in beautifully with their surroundings.

Color also determines the price. The least expensive black trash bag. Next is white and then transparent.





Garbage bags in addition to the function of storing waste, they must also come with a feature to prevent odors. The bad smell from the waste will pollute the environment and affect your life, so this is an important factor when choosing a garbage bag.



Surprisingly, price is not an important factor when you buy garbage bags. There isn’t a huge difference between the prices of garbage bags that you’ll find in stores. Price really only becomes a factor if you buy in bulk. It’s best not to choose trash bags based on price. Spending a few extra cents on a thicker, sturdier bag can save you more cleaning time.


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