Stretch Film Overview: 101 things you need to know? (Part 2)

Benefits of a Stretch Film


Product Protection

This is the very basic function and benefit of stretch film rolls. Wrapping the products in a stretch film will protect them from environmental factors, such as dirt, dust, and moisture. They help keep the load clean and dry but clearly visible. If you use UVI stretch film rolls, they can even protect the load from UV rays.


Improved Handling Efficiencies

Stretch film rolls, when used along with angle boards, help in stacking the load higher on pallets. This maximizes the warehouse space while storing the products. Besides, you can easily wrap and move around the load, aiding in increased work productivity.With the help of stretch film rolls, you can also conveniently stack odd-shaped loads that otherwise couldn’t be stacked on a flat surface.


Recyclable and Decreased Pilferage


Most stretch films are environment-friendly and 100% recyclable. If you keep them clean, they can also be recycled easily. Stretch rolls wrap and unitize the loads completely. Thus, they make pilferage harder as one has to first unwrap the load.Best of all, an opaque stretch wrap can even conceal the product. If you use a clear stretch wrap, the scanning system can easily read it.

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