Recycled plastic bags are bags made from recycled plastic or any type of plastic that can be synthesized from nylon waste after undergoing processing. After being recovered, recycled plastic is crushed, washed, cooled and heated. Then, the plastic mixture is sent to the stamping and compression factory to turn it into fibers or granules. They are then used to make bags.

Advantages of recycled plastic bags

– High quality: Compared to paper bags, many businesses still prioritize recyclable plastic bags because they satisfy all requirements such as durability, flexibility and water resistance.
– Diverse printing colors, supporting brand advertising: Recycled plastic bags can be printed in all colors and covered with a glossy or matte layer to help businesses advertise products and display images. of the brand to users in a clearer, more beautiful and attractive way.
– Save fuel, reduce oil consumption: According to a global study, recycling 1 ton of plastic bags can reduce electrical energy consumption by 5774KW/h. At the same time, it will reduce crude oil consumption by 16.3 barrels.
– Minimize deforestation: Most paper bags are made from wood. Therefore, using recycled plastic bags will help limit the use of paper bags, reduce the need to cut down more trees, protect forests, increase water quality, and prevent flooding.

Disadvantages of recycled plastic bags

Up to this point, there is still no successful solution to the problem of recycling plastic bags. However, if a decomposition cycle is successfully built, the amount of plastic waste released into the environment will certainly be reduced.

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