Ice Bags – Effective Packaging Solution In Beverage Industry

Ice bags are known to be a type of bag similar to a plastic bag. Bags are used to pack and ensure clean ice of the best hygienic quality, commonly serving the food and beverage industry.

Made from PE plastic with some additives, the bag is flexible and durable. In particular, the bag can withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius. Even if you leave it in the freezer for a long time, the bag will not deform.

The bag is flexible and durable, so it can ensure no tearing during transportation. In addition, the material created is also non-toxic and does not affect the quality of the stone when used. Has good insulation ability, retains ice temperature for a long time. Helps prevent ice from melting, keeping the water in the bag always cold and intact.

Convenient and keeps temperature well: Ice bag has a simple design, just put water in the bag, tie the mouth of the bag tightly and place it in the ice bag. Can be bent to fit the space in the refrigerator to help maximize capacity and is suitable for picnics or picnics…

Does not cause leakage: The ice pack is made from waterproof material, which helps prevent leakage to the outside very well. The bag has transparent colors so you can print the brand logo clearly. Thanks to that, effective advertising for brands and companies.

Currently, plastic bags for storing ice can contain all kinds of ice, from small ice for coffee cups to large ice sizes for drinking beer… from 5kg, 10kg, 25kg bags. Depending on the purpose of use, depending on the type of bag required by the user, there will be flexibility in size.

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