Detailed information about industrial garbage bags

Production materials: From PE, LDPE, HDPE plastic beads and plastic industry additives.

Color: Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange

Industrial trash bags do not use harmful chemicals, are odorless, and are safe for users’ health.

Characteristics: The bag is highly durable, flexible, has good elasticity, can withstand high weight, is difficult to break, puncture and tear.

Size: 60cm x 100cm, 70cm x 90cm, 70cm x 100cm, 80cm x100cm, 90cm x 120cm, 120cm x 140cm

Unit: Kilogram, 1 kilogram from 8 to 14 pieces depending on size

Manufactured: Vietnam

Benefits of using industrial trash bags

Industrial garbage bags are large sized bags that can hold a lot of trash, with good waterproofing, impact resistance and heat retention properties, very convenient and very economical.

Products come in many different sizes to serve many uses.

Using industrial garbage bags is the best choice, the product is used by many businesses due to its convenience and can be used in all circumstances.

The product can be used as trash bags for restaurants, hotels, buildings, hospitals, etc.

The price of industrial trash bags is very reasonable.

Especially industrial parks, shops, restaurants, and hotels consume large quantities of garbage bags every year. So, choosing this product will save a lot of costs.

Uses of industrial garbage bags

Used to contain heavy waste, sharp and loose waste, and for packaging and transportation.

Large black garbage bags used to store household and industrial waste are convenient products.

Bags are widely used in industrial parks, restaurants, hotels, factories, companies, office buildings, hospitals, schools.

The product is used to store household waste and industrial waste, suitable for use in industrial parks, restaurants, hotels, companies, office buildings, hospitals, and schools.

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