PE Cling Film: Safe for Human Health

PE Cling Film, also known as plastic film, food wrap, etc… is often used for wrapping food such as fruit, vegetable, meat, or even left over, etc…

Let’s shed light on why PE Cling Film is preferable in many different regions in the following:


What is PE Cling film?

It is made of polyethylene polymer. PE Cling Film wrap complies with the national food hygiene standard for food wrapping. Based on its excellent glossiness and transparent property, its value is remarkably enhanced. It possesses prominent for resistance properties.

Polyethylene wrapping film possesses appropriate adhesion force and right elongation. Cling wrap polyethylene properly nestle up the products packed without bending upward. It is widely used at home, supermarket, school, hospital, hotel, restaurant, etc… It is suitable for cold storage food packaging. It is absolutely suitable for wrapping food, fruits, vegetables, etc…

What is the ability of PE Cling film?


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