Packaging stretch film roll testing-Why you should perform it

Stretch film roll testing

Packaging stretch film roll testing comprises a series of essential tests to guarantee the safety of goods in palletized systems, and of the people involved in their shipping & handling. 

There are several testing methods and machinery to perform it. However, all of them ultimately have the same purpose. For example, improving the safety of the goods, optimizing the packaging and obtaining more economical and sustainable solutions.

Stretch packaging roll
Stretch packaging roll testing

What is Stretch packaging roll testing?

Stretch wrap is a material that is mainly composed of polyethylene (LLDPE) and its character is stretching ability . In the packaging industry, the plastic wrap roll plays an essential role. Its main function is to improve load stability during storage as well as transportation.

Stretch roll testing includes a series of tests to evaluate the suitability of the material to protect a load during goods transportation. We can divide these tests into basic tests

Benefits of performing packaging stretch film roll testing

The advantages of these tests include:

1/Guaranteeing that we have correctly applied stretch film roll and the load is stable.

2/Determining the correct baling protocol for the outgoing products

3/Determining the correct amount of film to use, optimizing the amount of packaging material.

Stretch packaging roll testing
Stretch packaging roll testing

Who can benefits from Stretch wrap testing

The implementation of shipping stretch wrap testing is necessary for any company that ships its products on palletized systems. This includes both the stretch film manufacturer and whoever uses it to ensure the safety of goods.

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