Polythene Rolls, Tubing & Plastic Sheeting


Poly tubing 

Provided on a roll for continuous use, layflat tubing is essentially a polythene bag with no bottom. It comes in a wide variety of widths, strengths and colours, and is suitable for a huge range of uses.

Let’s look at what those uses are and why layflat tubing is such a popular packaging material.

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Create custom-sized bags

Because layflat tubing is provided on a roll, it’s ideal for creating bags of any size. This is a great for businesses to save money on stocking bags of various sizes, as they can simply be cut to suit the product sold. To turn the tubing into a bag, you’ll need a heat sealer with cutter.


Ultra-heavy duty layflat tubing is incredibly strong and therefore ideal for transit packaging. Unlike conventional packaging options, which are likely to get torn during transit, resulting in the asset it’s protecting getting damaged, ultra-heavy duty tubing is tear-resistant.

All polythene layflat tubing is designed to shield from dirt, dust, tears and moisture, so the duty you pick will depend upon the weight and shape of the item you need to protect. For example, if you’re transporting a heavy item with sharp edges, medium-duty tubing is unlikely to be strong enough to stop any tears from occurring, as it is only designed to carry light products, such as clothing and stationery.

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