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Layflat Bags

Many Uses
LDPE flat bags or called Multi-purpose bags, can be used inside a box or envelope as protection during shipping; or directly from production to shelf.

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1. Closed volume bagging form, suitable for the automatic packing machine

2. Side is easy to tear off some dental floss, or plane hole, hole is convenient to hang

3. A perforation allows the end-user to easily access the product by providing a convenient way to tear the bag open.

This feature is especially useful when using heavy gauge bags and can be oriented in the horizontal or vertical direction

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Trusted Protection

Our 100% virgin resin allow for our customers to meet their FDA / USDA requirements when using poly bags for food.

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Business Solutions for Wholesale.

We partner with many distributors, supporting their wholesale flat bags, manufacturing custom clear flat polyethylene, and addressing custom needs

Spacious Bag

Safe for food

High transparency

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