What is wave top garbage bags? Should you buy them?

We all know, flat or drawstring are the most common kind of garbage bags

But they’re not all…

With Hanpak, we also offer for clients, a new kind of trash bag/storage bags which is commonly used in some countries in Europe, especially Netherlands, Belgium, it is called Flap tie / Wave top bags.

About this item

  • The “waves” enable the bag to be closed securely and carried easily even when the bag is full.
  • The “waves” enable the bag to be closed securely and carried easily, even when the bag is full.
  • We can make this kind of bags with 4 common scent: fresh lemon, ocean breeze, vanilla and lavender flower, helping combat unpleasant odours
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Why we should use?

Strong,quick tie flaps make collecting, lifting and carrying trash more convenient.

The dependable flaps keep the bag securely shut and also support easy lifting and carrying, so that you can transport even the fullest bag with ease.

No need for inconvenient twist-ties-with our bags you can close the bag by cross-tying the flaps.

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Product name:

Flap tie/ Quick tie/ Wave top Garbage bags


30L/60L/80L/120L or Customer’s request


8-200 microns or Customized




Black, Grey, Blue, White or Customized


Custom graphix inner paper box

Custom paper label

Custom outer shipping carton


1/ Waterproof
2/ Tear resistant
3/ High quality material and gravure printing
4/ Drawstring closure more easy and convenient
5/ Easy to tear the bag off with breaking point line
6/ Packing in rolls, convenient to store

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