Kitchen Hacks: How To Fold A Plastic Bag

Are you tired of plastic grocery bags stuck under the sink, threatening to spill everywhere? If you want to keep your bags but also want to reduce clutter, folding plastic bags will make them much easier to manage.

1, Create a triangle

 Flatten the bag: Make sure to line up the sides of the bag so the handles are parallel to each other. Do your best to push all the air out of the bag. Run your hand over the bag to flatten it.

Fold the bag lengthwise: Start by folding the bag in half so that the two handles overlap perfectly. Fold it again in the same direction, this time lining up the edge opposite the handle on top of the other edge.

Fold a bottom corner of the rectangle: Choose a pocket corner on the edge opposite the handle. Fold the corner over to meet the other side to form a triangle.

Fold the triangle inward to form a new triangle: Take the remaining corner of the triangle and fold it inward, turning its base into a new fold.

Continue folding the bottom edge inward: Repeat the last two steps, rolling the triangle along the length of the bag. Keep going until you get near the end of the handle. Be sure to leave enough of the bag open for the final triangle fold.

Tuck the handle into the triangle: Fold one last triangle, wrapping the bag tail around. Carefully tuck the loose end into the pocket formed by the “roll” of the triangles.

2, Tie a knot

Flatten the bag and fold it lengthwise: Similar to the triangle method, turn your bag into a narrow strip that you tie into a knot.

Fold your bag widthwise: Fold the fabric strip in half along its width to create a shorter strip, creating a thin rectangle about half the height of the original bag.

Make a small loop with your strip: Place the loop about 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the folded end of the strip. The thread loop should be large enough for two of your fingers to fit through.

Thread the tail up and through the loop: Grab the uneven tail with one hand and bring it in through the half of the strip closest to the folded end. Thread the tail through the loop and pull it to the other side.

Thread both ends through the loop: Start by bringing the tail back and through the loop a few more times until the length is reached. Tuck the end into the middle of the knot. Repeat this process with the other free end, pushing it through the loop to form a ball shape.

With the above two methods, your bag now takes up less space so storing them will be much easier. You can keep them anywhere you want. The choice is up to you.

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