How to choose the right stretch film?

How to choose the right stretch film for your business? Choosing the right type of stretch film is a difficult task. There are many different types of stretch film, each with a different type of property. In addition, stretch films are available in different thicknesses. In the articles, we will give you some guides to choose the right Stretch wrapping film you need.

Types of stretch film: Hand-wrapping film & Machine wrap film

First, you must identify which types of Stretch film you need: Hand or Machine Stretch Wrap?

Rolls of hand-wrapping film are smaller and lighter because they are wrapped around a pallet by hand. We normally us this stretch film in situations where the complexity of the load is limited and no large number of pallets need to be wrapped.

As the name suggests, machine wrap film is wrapped around a pallet with a machine: the film is clamped to a pallet with a rotating arm and wrapped around it. The other way around is also possible: the film stands still and the pallet turns around. Which of the two you use depends on the speed of wrapping.

There are also different thicknesses in stretch film. An average stretch film is currently 20 microns. Please see common thicknesses of stretch film as below:


Stretch film further distinguishes itself in different types for different types of cargo. There is stretch film for light load, heavy load and difficult load. Within these types there are different types, each with its own specialty. There are UV films, which are resistant to the sun’s rays, coloured films, which, for example, keep their contents covered, and films suitable for deep-frozen products. All these films have their own different properties.

Tips for choosing stretch film:

  1. Take a good look at the type of cargo that needs to be packed: does it already have some degree of stability or not at all?
  2. Does the load have sharp or protruding corners?
  3. Are there any special requirements with regard to UV resistance or frozen products?
  4. Which wrapping machine is used and what is its stretch percentage?
  5. What is the output of your production process? If it is very high, then the choice for the thicker stretch film might be more obvious.
  6. Request a free audit. We analyze your process and come up with a complete advice.

I hope that these information will be helpful and you can choose the right Stretch film for your business. If you are still not sure which gauge of stretch wrap you need, Please contact one of our stretch wrap experts at! We’ll be glad to help.

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