How to choose Size and Thickness for Resealable Zipper bag ?


Choosing the right size, thickness of ClearZip reclosable zip lock bags is simple. First you need to specify the size of your content, which is length, width and height (if any).

Usable space inside a ClearZip is measured side to side for width. The length from zipper track to the bottom of the bag.

To fit larger, rigid items through the opening, add half an inch to the width of your content. Or bulky items or a loose fit, add up to two inches to both dimensions.

The length of lip part, usually from 1-2cm, depended on size. A lip part which is too short, it is very difficult to open it, and take time, while a long lip is unnecessary and wasteful.


Plastic bag thickness is expressed in mic. 40 mic Zipper bags are the most common thickness and satisfy most applications. Heavier items and products with sharp edges may need a thicker 60mic bag.

The single zipper locking style is the most common bag. In Hanpak, we will produce custom zipper bag with size, thickness and printing according to your request.


The above information will help you know more about zipper bag, and find the right which is suitable for your demand. Start doing your research and find the packaging that best suits your business’s core.

Zipper bags in Hanpak JSC

Please kindly see the following information to know more plastic bags we can produce currently. Detail specifications will be based on customer’s demand:

Material: LDPE
Thickness: 40 mic or Custom
Printing: up-to 8 colors/ 2 sides
Packing: in bales or in carton as requested
MOQ: 200 kg
Delivery time: 15-20 days/ container
Payment term: TT or LC at sight

How to contact with Hanpak JSC

At Hanpak JSC, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality vest carrier bags as per customer’s request with perfect service and policy in sale and after sale. We make each of  bags with our whole enthusiasm, strict management and high quality resin. We’re always looking out in your request for just the right balance between cost and quality. Therefore, we are confident to bring you most wonderful bag choices.

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