Guess who is the top stretch film manufacturer from Vietnam?



is Top Stretch film manufacturer from Vietnam


Main Purposes of Virgin Stretch Film:

Packing & Protection



This is one of the main and most obvious uses of stretch wrap. There’s nothing that a stretch wrap cannot package. If you need to bundle many things together, you should use Stretch wrapping film.

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Stretch film is useful for packaging for various goods, from bulk of cartons to sensitive material such as glass that is fragile.

Stretch wrap is the best quality because we make them with premium virgin, so they are extreme sturdy and puncture resistant. The material is flexible, and as our technology , its uses ultra expand as nano layer film.



Stretch wrap is made of a thin polyethylene material. Therefore, it can protect items from wear and tear. Besides, wrap film can become bunk of cases on pallet to become one pack, so they are easy to move, and shipping anywhere you want.

One property of stretch film, as its name, is that they can really stretch out, so you don’t need to be too care the size of the item you want to protect.

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How to know you should order stretch film?

Most companies normally buy stretch film from other supplier for their demand. But If your business need them regularly more and more (from 1ton/ per time), you should consider to order Stretch film from Big suppliers, who can do stretch film very well.

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We strive for excellence

The leading manufacturer of stretch film in Vietnam

Advantages of


  • Import high qualified raw material
  • From big suppliers in Korea, Japan,etc…
  • Say “no” with poor quality products
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  • High performance products
  • Quality is approved on the largest markets
  • Develop to produce diverse products
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  • Factory price
  • Capacity is more than 5000 MT/month
  • Understand products & exported markets
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