Different ways to recycle and reuse plastic bags

plastic bag

We use plastic bag in so many aspects of our daily lives
For instance, we use them to carry items we purchase from store, supermarkets and other commercial establishments

Plastic bags are convenient because they are cheap and easy to make

Unfortunately, these bags are also have some negative affects to the environment and are the major of the pollution in today’s world

So ,What should we do with those plastic bags we come across every single day?

plastic bags


Instead of throwing away plastic bags, why should we find ways to reuse and recycle them for the sake of our environment ?

There are a lot of different ways you can use of your old plastic bags as to make sure that they do not pollute the environment

For instance, you can turn plastic bags into other products or commodities by taking them to recycling facilities

Alternatively, you can reuse your old plastic bags right at home through various way below

How to recycle

First, let’s look at how to recycle plastic bags effectively. The process of recycling usually begins with removing any dirt, debris and other objects inside the bags

You should always check the bags to ensure that they are completely empty before recycling

Next, Round up all empty bags at your home and workplace then put them into a large garbage bag

Press the garbage bag to remove any air that may be trapped inside the plastic bags inside. This will make it easy to move or transport them

Once you have done this, take the plastic bags to a polyethene bags collection bin near you. You can find the bins in most stores and retailers

How to reuse bag at home

  1. There are many different ways you can reuse your plastic bags at home. Some are pretty simple such as using your old plastic bags to line your garbage or  trash bins .Plastic bags are excellent trash bin liners. You can tape them to the bottom and sides of your trash bag bins at home so as to protect them and increase there lifespan. Plastic bags also prevent fluids and liquids from leaking from your trash bins
  2. You also can reuse plastic bag as grocery bag if they are still in good shape. All you have to do is clean them and put them into your car so that you can use them for groceries next time .Reusing plastic bags in this way is highly recommended
  3. Alternatively, you can use plastic bags to wrap the fragile items such as glassware, antique and similar items
  4. Another creative way of reusing plastic bags is making art and crafts. Plastic bag is very versatile which means it can be turned or converted into almost anything. You can weave a basket solely from plastic .You can also make artificial flowers and using polythene cutouts gotten from plastic bags. With this method, your imagination is all you need to turn those old plastic bags into beautifully crafted items that can be used for home decorations and so much more


Hopefully these tips is helpful to you guys in using plastic bags more effectively and keep the environment is better day by day


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