OPP plastic bags and PE plastic bags – How to distinguish?

What are differences between OPP plastic bags and PE plastic bags? Let’s answer this question with Hanpak.

1/ OPP plastic bags: Oriented polypropylene

OPP bag

Features: most transparent, hard, tensile strength is same at every point, can not be stretched (two-way stretch), easy to tear on both sides of the seal.

2/ PP plastic bags: Polypropylene

Features: transparence and hardness are lower than OPP’s, can be stretched (two-way stretch), tough and flexible and have good resistance.

3/ PE plastic bags: Polyethylene

Features: transparence is lower and softer than PP’s.

HDPE: high density polyethylene – feel crisp, tensile strength is higher, slightly harder, more heat resistant and more opaque than LDPE.

LDPE: low density polyethylene – feel soft, tensile strength is lower, and resilience is higher than HDPE.

(Source: Hanpak)

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