Some examples of applications where Cast stretch film is preferred over Blown stretch film

Cast stretch film has become extremely popular in the packaging industry because of its outstanding advantages compared to blown film. Here are some examples of applications where cast wrapping is preferred over blown stretch wrap film:

1. Palletizing heavy or sharp-edged items: We often choose cast pallet wrap for palletizing heavy or sharp-edged items, such as construction materials, machinery, or metal products. The slightly stiffer nature of cast wrapping film provides additional protection against punctures or tears, ensuring a secure wrap. Therefore, this makes cast film a popular choice in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing.

Cast stretch film


2. Automated wrapping systems: People designe many automated stretch wrapping machines to work optimally with cast film. The consistent thickness and stiffness of it allows for smooth and reliable performance in these high-speed, automated wrapping applications. As a result, this makes cast film a preferred option for businesses rely on efficient, high-volume palletizing and wrapping processes.

Machine Stretch film


3. Wrapping irregularly shaped items: Cast wrap can conveniently wrap irregularly shaped items, such as oversized or oddly sized products. The stiffer nature of it helps maintain the wrap’s form and shape, even on complex geometries.. So that, it is a suitable choice for industries that handle a diverse range of product sizes and shapes.

4. Warehouse storage and transport: When it comes to warehouse storage and transport, cast wrap film’s resistance to punctures and particularly beneficial. The more robust nature of cast film helps protect the wrapped load from potential damage during handling, stacking, and shipping.This makes cast stretch wrap film a reliable choice for businesses focused on ensuring the safe and secure storage and delivery of their products.

Stretch Film 80 gauge

While blown stretch wrap film excels in certain applications, the specific advantages of Cast pallet wrap make it the preferred option in these scenarios, where the film’s stiffness, puncture resistance, and suitability for automated systems are key priorities.

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