The advantages of Adhesive PE bags

A printed adhesive PE bag is a plastic bag made with a higher mouth, on the higher side of the bag there is a long, parallel horizontal strip of glue attached. Can have holes punched near the top of the bag for ventilation (used for cold storage of fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.).
When using, customers just need to remove the plastic layer that protects the glue layer, fold the higher mouth down, rub and stick it tightly, the glue layer helps the two mouths of the bag stick together.

Printed glue-sealed PE bags are soft, flexible, and people can print according to their requirements.

Characteristics of printed adhesive PE bags


Material: Primary PE, secondary PE or recyclable PE.
Color: clear white or color according to customer’s request
Storage: keep in a cool, dry place.

Where are printed adhesive PE bags?

We use printed glue-sealed PE bags extremely commonly in life, in many industries: electronics, healthcare, fashion, food, for agricultural stores, for shipping… or use for export products.

In particular, producers design uniquely the bag, making the packaging eye-catching and attracting customers. These designs can also contain messages which promote brands and add value to your brand.

Advantages of sealed PE bags

Nowadays, in production as well as in life, we can come across many PE bags with mouth seals. If you are wondering why this type of bag is common, let’s take a look at the advantages of sealed PE bags below!

– The bag is made from PE material, so it is very thick, smooth and extremely durable. The surface of the bag is smooth and has good elasticity, so folds are not easy to form during use, ensuring aesthetics and elegance.

– The bag’s water resistance is very good. Therefore, you can comfortably use the bag in rainy or humid weather conditions. This helps the goods inside be protected in the best way.

– Bags are also popular with businesses thanks to their good printing ability. With modern gravure printing techniques, you can easily design satisfactory bag designs with beautiful printed images and information, convey messages to customers and build a successful image.

– Sealed PE bags are highly transparent, able to display the beauty and appeal of the goods inside.

– Sealed bag mouth design is convenient for packaging goods. Packaging is quick, saves time, and does not require complicated techniques.

Check out these beautiful and unique PE bag models

Not only does it need to have good preservation ability, but sealed PE bags are also a means of connection between customers and brands through the bag’s design and printing. Minh Sang suggests you beautiful and luxurious PE bag models:

Transparent seal bag model

Plain Transparent Self Adhesive PE Bag, Capacity: 250 Gm at Rs  130/kilogram in AhmedabadAdhesive PE bags

This type of PE bag with a mouth seal is no longer strange to us because of its popularity. Besides, the bag model has a transparent, smooth, luxurious surface, and a prominent red mouth glue line. This type of bag helps you easily classify products.

Colorful sticker PE bag model

Depending on the typical color of your business, you can choose the appropriate packaging model. The colors printed on the packaging surface are eye-catching and trendy, making the business’s packages more special.

Adhesive PE bagsCustom Poly MailersPoly Mailers

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