Agricultural mulch film (PE mulch film) has 2 sides: 1 black side and 1 silver side. People use them for the purpose of covering the soil surface before sowing or planting agricultural crops, especially underground vine-like plants and tubers. Agricultural mulch film has a low price but brings great production efficiency. Such as saving on fertilizer and irrigation costs while increasing crop productivity.

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Popular types of agricultural mulch films

There are many different types of agricultural mulch films (PE films). But in general, they only differ in size and thickness. The rest of the agricultural PE films are almost the same. The different sizes are to serve different growing needs. For examples, depending on the type of plant, whether the bed (bed) is large or small. And what size membrane is needed to fit tightly, both effective and avoid waste.

Benefits of agricultural mulch films

Manufacturers produce agricultural coating film (PE film) from imported primary PE particles, colorants, antioxidants, and UV protection.

The coating has a silver-gray side on one side and a black bottom side. When used, the silver side of the mulch film is facing up, to increase the amount of light reflected (reducing pests). On the other hand, the black side is facing down to shade the ground (reducing weeds).

That black side has the effect of blocking sunlight, preventing grass seeds from growing in the mulch film. Weeds not only compete with vegetables for nutrients, but also provide shelter for harmful insects. Weeding not only costs money, but it also disturbs the roots, affecting the growth of vegetable plants. Countries around the world also research and use many different colors for agricultural mulch films, for different purposes and crops. This depends on the characteristics and wavelengths reflected from each color to achieve results, be maximally effective.

In addition, agricultural mulch film (PE film) also helps regulate temperature, keeping the soil moist and warm, making the soil loose and fertilizers from being washed away or evaporating into the environment. Some plants such as bitter melon, watermelon, pineapple, melon, cucumber… are very suitable for growing on mulch, saving on weeding costs, fertilizers, pesticides, and improving productivity and quality. quantity increased very high.

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