Biohazard Bags – What you need to know before buying?

Are you an owner of an industrial company or a worker that helps dispose of the regularly produced harmful waste that is non-biodegradable and, if not disposed of properly, could cause a great deal of damage to the environment around us?

So, as an employee of the company, you may be looking for some solution regarding buying some biohazard garbage bags to integrate into your industry’s disposable unit.

But the problem most people face while taking this decision is not having adequate knowledge regarding biohazard bags and most of the essential things people must follow for maximum safety. Because of that, here in this article, we will discuss all there is to biohazard bags in detail.

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  • Red biohazard bags

If you want some biohazard bags for segregating the toxic materials from the uncontaminated substances, red biohazard bags would be the ideal choice for you.

The red Biomedical Waste bags are most commonly used in hospitals and health care units to collect the various pathological and infectious waste with blood stains.

Other items that are disposed of using red Biomedical Waste bags include anatomical wastes like tissues, saliva, and organs. And leaving them aside, they are also used for getting rid of dresses covered in blood, toxic materials, and infected gloves that health workers can’t use again even after washing.

What are the things not allowed to be put inside red biohazard bags?

The contaminated or pathological wastes are the only things that disposers can put inside the red Biomedical Waste bags. These red biohazard bags can’t store other chemical substances like alcohol, various solvents, radioactive wastes, apparatus, wrappers, and food cans.

  • Yellow biohazard bags

The yellow biohazard bags are a little different from what red biohazard bags are. This biohazard bag can store various clinical wastes like swabs samples, dressing items, used tissues, gloves, etc.

Some other substances you can also store inside yellow biohazard bags are metallic substances, fluid bags, and used syringes.

What are the things not allowed to be put inside yellow biohazard bags?

Like red biohazard bags, yellow biohazard bags also have restrictions regarding items that won’t go inside them at any cost. Like different pharmaceutical medicines, anatomical wastes, and domestic and non-infectious waste.

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