Trash Bags Different Colors and Uses

In addition to the standard black garbage bags, white garbage bags, and clear garbage bags, there are many other color trash bags that make up the colors of the rainbow. Depending where and what you are disposing will determine the garbage bag colors.


Black garbage bags are the most common type of trash bag which are used for most non-recyclable waste. The color black keeps the mess contained and somewhat neat when the bags are sitting outside getting ready for pickup. When it comes to lawn and leaf bags for your fall clean up .

Most homeowners like the black trash bags since they conceal all the rubbish. Besides for disposing trash, black garbage bags can be used to heat pools, darken rooms by placing on windows, and even making a stylish dress.

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Clear garbage bags are generally used for lighter trash like paper and cardboard. Using clear garbage bags allows the trash to be visible to the sanitation department for proper assortment.

Business offices use clear trash bags for collecting the remnants of shredded paper. These shredder bags are usually sitting around waiting for the maintenance worker to place then in the dumpster.

Those who are collecting cans and bottles for money, will use clear bags for them to be identifiable to the bottle and can redemption center. In today’s day and age, it’s vital for your items to be totally visible when entering any facility.

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