80 gauge Stretch film

Stretch Film 80 gauge

So what exactly is 80 gauge Stretch film? If you are working in Plastic packing field, the term 80 gauge Stretch wrap should be something you are familiar with. But if you are not, this article might be useful for you.

The term 60 gauge/ 80 gauge (or 60 ga/ 80 ga) refers to the thickness of the wrap/film. It’s the most common gauge, known for being very versatile and for handle a variety of applications.

It’s great for loading up to 2200-2400 pounds. When you use 80 gauge Machine Stretch film in a pallet wrapping machine, it is more efficient and reduces a lots of waste. In fact, it has the same strength as 12”-20” hand stretch film.

(Testing 80 gauge Stretch Wrapping Film – by Hanpak)

But what exactly is a gauge? A gauge is a measurement to measure thin plastics. There are others measures when referring to stretch wrap with the most common ones being gauge, micron, mm or mil.

80 gauge Stretch Wrap has the same thickness as 20mic ones. 1gauge = 0.01mil and 1mil = 25.4 micron.

But keep in mind that even though two stretch films have the same thickness, it does not mean that they are same quality.

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