Why use roll bags for food?

Rolled food bags, also known as rolled plastic bags, are often used to store fresh products such as meat, fish, vegetables, tubers, fruits… We often come across rolls of food bags in supermarkets, grocery store. Food roll bags are usually white and have more durability than regular foam plastic bags, but the drawback of this type of bag is that it only holds light weight products.

Roll bags have 2 types: roll bags for food with core and without core. The ingredient that makes up the bag is usually HDPE, which is a biodegradable plastic and helps to protect the environment.

In addition, food roll bags also have some other outstanding advantages such as:

– High quality: Food roll bags are usually durable, heat well, safe and non-toxic for consumers.
– Convenient, Non-Toxic: Free of BPA and any harmful ingredients, we can wash and reuse if needed, and can store food in the refrigerator for later use. However, to ensure health, reuse should be limited, because sometimes we clean but not sure the bacteria in the bag are all gone, so it is safer to use new bags.
– Easy to use: Because the roll up food bag is already corrugated and pre-cut, it’s very easy to use.
– Cost savings: For ordinary plastic bags, we will buy by the kilogram and these bags contain colorants that are harmful to health. When using food roll bags, we are both cost-effective and safe every time we use them. It is for this reason that supermarkets and convenience stores often use roll bags to protect their customers and ensure the quality of their food.

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