1. Advantages of plastic bags for supermarkets, grocery stores, markets

Retailers have been advocating for plastic bags since they were introduced about 50 years ago, because the main advantages of plastic bags are low cost, ease of use and convenient storage.

Plastic bags can be purchased in bulk at a relatively low cost, while paper bags are usually much more expensive. For recycled canvas bags, environmental friendliness becomes a broader concern, however this type of bag also comes at a rather high cost. If buying in large quantities, it is clear that the price is the most outstanding advantage that plastic bags bring to stores and their profits.

In addition, cheap plastic bags will also be easier to pack than paper bags. Plastic bags also require less storage space than paper bags, both in warehouses and at cashier counters. In addition, this type of plastic bag is ten times lighter than paper bags or more, so it is easier to transport. Reusable bags take up the most space and in their weight are often significantly heavier than plastic or paper bags.

2. Advantages of cheap plastic bags for consumers

Just as retailers have found plastic bags to be a better alternative to paper, plastic bags are preferred by many consumers over other types of packaging. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans use 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually, and the American Wood and Paper Association estimates that Americans use 10 billion paper shopping bags each year.

Although there are still many environmental impacts, the benefits of cheap packaging printing in general and nylon in particular are undeniable.

Plastic bags are more durable than paper bags and can be waterproof and are easy to transport especially in the rain. Plastic bags are used for many different purposes, such as: lining trash cans or for packing and storing miscellaneous items, they can also be reused by washing. In addition, nylon bags also have many types and designs, so they are suitable for many purposes.

Today, plastic bags are still widely used, used as shopping bags in supermarkets or commercial centers, used to store goods in markets, or store food, food or household garbage bags. … Even more optimal, companies also print cheap plastic bags to advertise the company’s images and products such as marketing campaigns and brand promotion.

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