Why should you choose Hanpak JSC becoming your plastic bags supplier?

Good day to you! This is Hapak JSC, one of producers manufacturing plastic and eco-friendly packaging to export.

Why should you choose Hanpak JSC becoming your plastic bags supplier?

When using our products, you will find 6 main core values:

1. Hanpak say “no” with poor quality products.

Our company would like to provide products with good quality to customers, and meet the needs of each individual customer in the best and most professional way.

2. Hanpak optimizes from input to output to bring the best price to customers.

Our company has many factories located in many different locations, stretching from North to South and has 5 large factories in Hung Yen and Bac Ninh. Therefore, the stages from input to output of the company are followed with strict quality standards and selected at the most suitable and competitive price for the requirements of customers.

3. Due to the advantage of the number of factories, Hanpak researches and develops a variety of products.

Each industry has its own specific needs and also requires appropriate packaging products. Therefore, at present, the company has more than 20 different main products to meet the actual needs of each customer such as food packaging, trash bags, shopping bags, industrial packaging, .. and especially eco-friendly bags.

4. Hanpak’s capacity is more than 5000 MT/month.

5. Hanpak always follows strict delivery time agreed with customers.

6. With an experienced team in the plastic industry, understand products and exportedmarkets, Hanpak will bring the most professional customer service to you.

We always make a great effort to understand all customer’s requirements as well as consult best solutions. If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to come to Hanpak, we are ready to help you.

Besides those core values, we are constantly improving and improving every day to suit our customers. With experienced leadership in the plastic and eco-friendly packaging products industry, along with the philosophy of “Your trust, our success”, Hanpak ensures you can have the best experience when you use our products and our services.

I hope that Hanpak and you will cooperate and have many favorable and long-term orders in the future. Looking forward to receiving your feedback, that is the motivation of our company.

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