With the advantages of lightness, convenience and low cost, plastic food packaging bags have replaced traditional plastic boxes, paper boxes, shopping lanes… and become indispensable items in every family’s life. It is often used to store fresh products such as meat, fish, vegetables, tubers, fruits… Here are some advantages of using plastic packaging bags for food packaging:

  1. It is very thin, light, also does not take much storage space, so it is easy to transport or carry. Sobeys eliminating plastic bags by February, offering paper instead – Winnipeg Free Press  
  2. It can survive in harsh environments and does not decompose easily in hot and cold temperatures, thus it can keep the integrity of the food and protect the food from external contaminants.   Single Use Plastic Waste Issue. Fruits And Vegetables In Plastic Bags Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 129210719.
  3. Shipping items such as meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. with plastic packaging helps to limit the loss and does not affect the nutrients in the food.  Zipper Bag- Safe Food Storage Solution for Businesses – HANPAK – Customized plastic bag and packaging manufacturer
  4. The durability offered by plastic packaging bags also allows manufacturers to print high-quality, eye-catching custom designs, which increase product’s visibility in retail environments. This is the benefit for the supplier. Shopping Bag – HANPAK – Customized plastic bag and packaging manufacturer

Plastic packaging bags for food packaging are sold a lot on the market, but not all bags are safe and suitable for your needs.

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