What To Know About Utilizing Wicketed Bags for Goods Packaging

wicketed poly bags

If you’re looking to improve your packaging process’s efficiency, it may be as simple as rethinking what type of bags you use. Production line slowdowns can often be the result of time wasted opening and handling individual poly bags.

Wicketed bags are the answer to the need for a bagging system that is quick and smooth. They make packaging faster and more efficient.

Never heard of wicketed bags? You’re not alone. Here we’ve outlined what they are and how they can benefit your operation.

What is a Wicketed Bag?

Wicketed bag for bread

Wicketed bags are stacked plastic bags arranged neatly on a wire wicket and held in place with rubber washers and, sometimes, a chipboard header.

Wicketed bags are usually made of PE, LDPE, or PP, and are stacked and held on wicket pins. This type of bag has a lot of versatility. They can be printed and manufactured with a bottom gusset, vents, holes or perforations. A full wicket of bags usually consists of 100 or 250 bags per wicket. This pack out can be customized depending on the size and gauge (thickness of material) of the bag.

There are many customization options, including the ability to add printed logos, bottom gussets, and custom sizing, color, and thickness.

The Benefits – Why Should You Switch to Wicketed Bags?

Like any shrewd business person, chances are you require some convincing that a change is worth the fuss. The bottom line with wicketed bags is they make it incredibly straightforward to package items quickly, ultimately saving you time and money.

Now that you have a little more clarity on what a wicketed bag is, we’ll explore some of the specific advantages of using them.

They Allow Anyone to Quickly Package Products

With the bags mounted on a wicket, you can easily open them with one hand as you place a product inside with the other. When you’ve finished packing one product, another bag is waiting in place for you on the wire wicket.

The wicket effectively acts as a dispenser for plastic bags, allowing for maximum efficiency. You can also easily blow the bags open with a fan for even faster packaging.

Many Different Industries Favor Wicketed Bags

Wicketed bags are offered for food and non food packaging.

Here are just a few examples of industries making use of this bagging innovation:

  • Food packaging
  • Bakeries
  • Grocery stores (specifically for produce)
  • Clothing and garment sellers
  • Mechanical component manufacturers

No matter what your product is, it would help if you packaged it. Wicketed bags can make the process easier.

They’re Cost-Effective

Wicketed bags are incredibly cost-effective as they save you time during the packaging process. You’ll be able to package more products per day.

Although pricing will depend on your wicketed bags’ particular specifications, the unit prices are typically per thousand.

The Rubber Washers and Wire Wickets Are Reusable

You may be wondering what happens to the wickets and the rubber washers when you’ve finished with an entire wicket of bags. They are reusable! The bag industry is always looking for ways to reduce waste.

Summing it Up 

We hope this blog provides the information you are looking for when it comes to wicketed bags.

When applied to the proper application, wicketed bags can help make your packaging process more efficient which will lead to improved profitability.

And with our return program for your wickets and washers we are making a positive impact on our environment.

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