What should you keep in mind when choosing and using PE Wrapping Film?

If you are looking for a material to wrap products that are already stacked on pallets and ready for shipping, you will definitely want to use stretch film. Stretch film is quite simple to stretch, specially made to tightly bond products and pallets. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the role of pallet wrap in other industries such as:

In agriculture, pe film is often used to wrap animal feed to prevent damage. Or use it to cover agricultural products and cover the soil to avoid pests and weeds.

In the family, people use it to wrap food and protect food from dirt and insects. Helps food to be preserved longer, fresher and cleaner.

In fisheries, chit membranes are used to preserve frozen seafood and line pond banks.

In the furniture industry, the product is used to cover furniture after production to avoid dirt and aging.

In industry, this wrapping film is used to wrap goods, components, and secure pallets. To protect them from impacts, scratches, and oxidation during transportation. Furthermore, some businesses also use this film as promotional product packaging.

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When do you use stretch film?

First of all, determine your operational needs through the following questions:

  • What type of product are you packaging?
  • Are they exposed to potential contamination?
  • Are they shipped in their original packaging?
  • Do they ship in secondary packaging?
  • Are you shipping one product or multiple products?

Depending on your answer, choose the appropriate size and wrapping method. For some specialized packaging needs, use stretch film in many different colors such as blue, black, combined with transparent film to distinguish items stored and transported internationally.

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