What is a Wicket Bag?

Are you looking for a more effective plastic bag solution for package your products, especially for food ?

If your answer is yes, we think a wicket bag may be just what you need

wicket bag

What is a wicket bag?

Wicket bags are stacked plastic bags arranged neatly on a wire wicket and held in place by rubber stoppers and sometimes, a chipboard header

These bags can be produced with a bottom gusset, perforations, printing, color tint or can be with permanent or resealable tape for easy closing

A full wicket of bags often consists of 200-250 bags .This pack can be customized depending on the size and thickness of the bag

Having multiple bags stacked on a wicket can improve your packaging process. You can also include fully or semi automatic  packaging machines to increase speed

Depending on the size of the bag, the wicket bags can be manufactured on high speed machine or manually produced on slower running equipment

Who uses wicket bag

Wicket bags are offered for food and non food packaging. The bag can be produced in many sizes/ thickness .Many food packaging lines are equipped with automatic packaging machine. Many industrial packaging lines are equipped with workstations that are designed to hold the wicket of bags so the packaging operator can be easily to remove a bag from the wicket after the product is put inside

How do you seal a wicket bag?

A convenient feature of the wicket bag is how easy they are to close .Like we talked about earlier, tapes can be applied to these bags. Zipper closure also can be an option

Or the more traditional closure options are hear sealing and zip ties. There are a number of options available for protecting your product once inside the bag

Summing it up

We hope this blog is helpful to you when it comes to wicket bags

When used for proper applications, wicket bags can help your packaging process become more effective which lead to increase your profit margins

If you have any questions or unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive our 247 support

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