What are the advantages of Black Stretch Film?

Premium Black Film

Black stretch film products can greatly reduce the cost of use, packaging can also reduce labor intensity, improve packaging quality and packaging efficiency, and hope to become the main force in the packaging market in the future. Stretch film is strong, resistant to pulling, and self-adhesive. , Low temperature resistance and good shrinkage force. Generally, the stretch film is divided into single-sided adhesive and double-sided adhesive.


Even scattered small items can become a whole. The stretch film can tightly wrap the products with its own winding force and retraction force, so that these items will not be loose or separated in a place that is conducive to product storage.

However, traditional packaging can not store small items intact, whether it is wooden or carton, which makes stretch film have unique packaging advantages in the tobacco industry and textile industry. The use of stretch film for product packaging can effectively reduce the cost of use. Compared with the original box packaging, the use of black stretch film also saves about 85%.


The black stretch film is suitable for pallet transportation packaging and cargo model packaging. It can effectively prevent moisture, dust and reduce labor, improve efficiency, and achieve the purpose of protecting products and reducing costs.
Especially for the transportation operation used for the packing of cargo samples, the strength and self-adhesiveness of the black stretch film are fully exerted, and the best packing effect is achieved by coordinating with the restraint operation of the tension during winding.
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