Storing food safely and conveniently with Produce Roll Bags

1/ What is a Produce bag on roll?

Plastic food bags are a type of packaging commonly used in human life. They are also known as transparent plastic bags made from different types of plastic to create bags of different shapes and sizes. Plastic food bags are frequently used by stores and supermarkets. Furthermore, plastic food bags are used by most people in daily activities.

2/ Produce bags are safe for users

PE food bags are popular because they are thick, waterproof and prevent odors, so when you put food in these bags and store it in the refrigerator, it can keep food fresh longer. Bags are also used a lot in large kitchens of hotels and restaurants.

The structure of a plastic food bag is a bag with a wide mouth, packed in rolls of many bags, with serrated parts printed between the bags to help cut the bag easily when used. Because it is a food bag, the bag is usually opaque white and has a beautiful shine.

3/ What characteristics do PE bags have that are suitable for food storage?

Most types of packaging today can be used to store food, especially dry food. However, for fresh or cooked food you should be more careful in choosing packaging. Food packaging with PE plastic ingredients is considered a suitable and safe type of packaging when used to store foods. PE bags are made from high-quality PE plastic beads with the following characteristics:

  • PE (Polyethylene) plastic is non-toxic and safe for use in food packaging
  • PE plastic food bags are soft, flexible, hard to tear and can bear a lot of weight so they can hold a lot of food inside.
  • Dark PE bags have the ability to prevent light from penetrating inside, thus protecting food from the harmful effects of direct sunlight.
  • The bag is inert in the environment so it does not cause any impact when storing food
  • The bag’s surface is sturdy, waterproof, and airtight, helping to prevent the penetration of bacteria into fresh foods such as fish, meat, etc.

In addition, with its low price, PE bags are the type of food bags that many people prefer to use

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