Poly Tubing Rolls made in Vietnam


Layflat poly tubing, also known as poly tubing roll is a versatile plastic wrap used in wide range of industrial applications
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Tubing roll can be simply cut to desired length using a heat sealer

That’s why it can accommodate multiple items with varying dimensions and are perfect fit for your products

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Applications of Poly Tubing 

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  • Food products:

Poly Tubing commonly used to store food items. It provide a safe and hygiene way to keep fresh food or frozen products

  • Transportation & logistics :

No matter what the size, it can provide extra protection the various items.

Especially, Poly tubing is water-proof and tear-resistant, so it’s very ideal for protecting goods from dust, dirt and moisture 

  • Cost-effective:

Excellent choice for packaging products of varying lengths-eliminates the need to stock an expensive variety of bags


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