Plastic garment bag – Great choice from Hanpak JSC

Clear garment bag is produced for various sizes of garments, made from low density polyethylene.

Why you need to use Hanpak garment bag? What are the benefits of these poly garment bags?

For clothing retail or garment business,  it is very normal to preserve and keep clothes, scarf, … in the warehouse, and only a few samples on display in the store. However, keeping clothes in storage without outer garment bag can cause a lot of effects.

First, when you take and bring it to the customer, due to keep for a long time in warehouse without outer bag, so small, fine, tiny dust particles will stick to your items. Second, the place to store garments is often narrow, damp and dark. This is an environment that creates favorable conditions for bacteria to grow, they will make clothes moldy and damaged. All of these will make customers are not ready to buy your products.

Therefore, Hanpak offers Garment Bags on Rolls for uses related to protecting various sizes of garments . These clear clothes bags help to keep your products and purchases free from creases and damages.

Our flat garment bags are produced for various sizes of garments and made from low density polyethylene. Garment bags are clear and perfect for keeping your items clean. They are packed on a perforated roll for easy dispensing.

We customize based on customer’s request, so whether you have small shirts, or large jacket, we can make the custom size for you.

At Hanpak Joint Stock Company, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality flat poly bag as per customer’s request with perfect service and policy in sale and after sale. Each of these bags we make with our whole enthusiasm, strict management and high quality resin. Therefore, we are confident to bring you most wonderful bag choices.

How to contact with Hanpak JSC

For more information of our plastic bags, please kindly contact with us immediately via email or hotline (Mobile/ WhatsApp) +84 898 545 893. Our sale experts will help you have an excellent choice for your orders with suitable prices and high quality.

Hope that we will have a good long term business relationship together in near future.

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