Plastic Bags Better for enviroment than other packaging materials ( Part 1)

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As we know, a few countries has banned on thin plastic bags.

According to a National Policy expert in Canadian Plastics Industry Association, plastic bag is better appreciated regarding environment than recycle bag and paper one.

So, it is unreasonable for us to ban or impose tax on plastic bag.

15.5 & 75 POUNDS 

If a number equivalent to the grocery stores is given, the request for production of paper bags is three times as much as the total original energy.

Furthermore, the paper bags also produce more waste in landfills.

Similarly, if the one-time plastic bags produce 15.5 pounds of waste, the waste papers produce up to 75 pounds (this is a big difference) .

However, these bags can only be used 52 times on average.

Supporters of a ban on plastic bags mainly argued that the ban will help reduce the amount of waste in landfill, decrease the problems of waste, protect the environment and reduce oil consumption

All these objections are not based on fact. The main reason why the policymakers put a ban on thin plastic bags is because of their impacts on environment.

However, these impacts are not much and to some extends, plastic bags is better appreciated in term of environment than other substitute bags.

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