Importance of Protective Packaging While Shipping ( First Story)

Pleasant Unboxing Experience

Offering a pleasant unboxing experience is vital for D2C brands. A consumer comes across the product online and cannot touch or feel it. The product photo and description arouse him, leading him to make a purchase.

When a consumer finally receives the product, the product packaging is the first obvious touchpoint. And it has to be pleasant.

The product packaging should tell the kind of product, service, and quality you offer. Besides, it should also provide a pleasant unboxing experience.

Receiving a product in torn packaging can lead the customers to doubt the quality of products you offer. Thus, packaging plays a crucial role in making the first and most pleasant impact on customers’ minds.

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That said, protective packaging ensures that the product remains safe and sound during transit. It helps the product survive the rigors of transportation.

And when the consumer opens the box, he receives the product just the way he wanted. Protective packaging ensures that the package remained safe and increases the chances of a quality unboxing experience for the consumer.

These days many social media influencers as well make a video or take photos of the unboxing experience of the product. This can offer your company free promotion and advertisement.

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