How to manage plastic waste effectively? Advice from Plastic bags supplier

Plastic has transformed our everyday lives

But the volume of plastic, and its long lifespan, makes it one of our biggest waste problems.

We all have a role to play in tackling our plastics problem and from the perspective of a business working in plastic packaging, we would like to suggest some effictive ways to manage waste ( poly garbage).

Do it properly
1. Recycle when possible 

Recycling, whenever you can, has a positive impact on the planet as it prevents too many plastics from ending up in landfills. Of course, recycling systems aren’t perfect, but recycling is still more productive than chucking everything in the same bin

Recycle clean bottles, cans, paper and cardboard.
Don’t put food or liquids in your recycling.
No loose plastic bags or recycled goods should be placed in plastic bags.

Incase you don’t know, almost plastic bags are recycle, you can return them to participating stores for recycling.

2. Avoid single-use plastics

Single-use plastic items are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to plastic pollution. You might find it harder than you’d think to stay away from them, but noticing how prevalent they are in daily life is a good first step.

Some common examples that contain single-use plastic include plastic-wrapped vegetables in supermarkets, wet wipes, cotton buds, plastic cutlery, coffee cups, straws, sanitary products and cigarettes. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives if you look for them.


Sustainable bags. Urban life.

Use alternative packaging

Single use shopping bags, recently, more people are aware of the appearance of non woven bags. This is an alternative option for plastic bags, non woven bags is reusable ( more than 1000 times), reclable, light weight and convenient to bring anywhere.

Sometimes, we do need packaging that at least emulates plastic in order to protect products, particularly when it comes to food.

Bio plastics bags are made from plastic mixing with D2W/OXO/EPI, bio-based materials have the potential to biodegrade more quickly than normal plastics.

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