5 Reasons You Should Be Using Stretch Film In Your Business



an amazingly popular tool in so many industries


Made From 100% Virgin LLDPE material

300 – 350% Elongation

1. To Protect Your Products and Goods

Keeping your goods dry, free from pest, and other destructive possibilities are major for so many reasons

2. Wrapping Irregularly Shaped Items

These oddly shaped goods still need protection and stretch film is the perfect way to do it.

Because it molds to the shape of whatever you are wrapping up you don’t have to worry about finding a box that fits your triangular shaped product.

3. Make The Most of Your Space

Helps to cut waste and space in your business, factory, or storage facility.

With some products, the film can actually reduce the space an item takes up by forcing the air out. With harder less pliable goods it removes the space a box may take up.

4. Saves Time Allowing For Greater Productivity

The wrapping machine guarantees that the perfect amount of film is used and that there is no shortage or excess of plastic.It promises a perfect wrap with no wasted time or energy.

5. It Saves Your Business Money

When you are using less packaging, saving room, allowing for greater productivity, do you know what happens?Yes, that is absolutely right, you save your company money.

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We are HANPAK JSC – a leading manufacturer of stretch film packaging in Vietnam with more than 20 years of experience.

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