How to choose a Pallet Wrap?

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A pallet wrap, also known as plastic film, is commonly used to wrap pallets and cardboard boxes, but in the case of adhesive films, it is also used in food products. Some Pallet Wrap is the same for most people but come in a variety of qualities. You can find rolls of 12-micron film, but some are much thicker at 15, 17, 20, 23, and even 30 microns. Normally, it is co-extruded in 3 layers, but it can also be co-extruded in 5 layers. Transparent, opaque black or white pallet wrap is available in different types depending on the intended use. That’s why we provide this guide to make the right choices.

Most important properties of Pallet Wrap

  • Waterproof: Protects against rain and dust
  • Elasticity: Facilitates adhesion of pallets and boxes
  • Self-adhesive: Adhesive pallets without adhesive tape
  • Great Value: Store All Year

Transparent Pallet Wrap

Polyethene Stretch Film is extremely tearing resistant. Ideal for product protection, maintenance, palletizing and storage. In addition to the excellent cohesiveness and stability of the palletized luggage, the clear plastic film allows the luggage to be secured to the pallet during transportation and storage.

Depending on the strength, it can wrap from light to heavy luggage.

Here are some details to know the thickness to choose:

  • 250 kg pallet: 15-micron pallet wrap
  • 250-400 kg pallet: 17-micron pallet wrap
  • Pallet 400-600 kg: 20-micron pallet wrap
  • Pallet 600 kg or more: 23 microns or 30-micron stretch film

The transparency of the plastic film enhances the product and makes it easy to identify the contents of the product. It also makes barcodes and other accompanying documents easier to read.

Black Pallet wrap

Black Plastic Pallet wrap is ideal for ensuring cargo confidentiality. The opaque hand stretch film not only protects the contents of the pallet but also prevents the temptation of theft during storage or transportation.

Food Pallet wrap

This type of Pallet wrap is specialized in the food sector. This means that you can keep your food longer. Therefore, it is not suitable for packaging pallets, and conversely, manual stretch films for pallets are not suitable for the food sector. Available in 300 m rolls, 30 or 45 cm wide wrap film is especially suitable for catering professionals.

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